ExpressBPEL RealEstate BPM Solution

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RealEstate/Construction industry today faces stiff pressure due to competition and market forces. Execution is key to the profitability of enterprises in the industry. Its inherent dependence on workforce makes it vulnerable to planning and execution gaps.

The key challenges faced by the industry can be summarized as,

Difficult to scale the operations
Every project has its specific complexities, requiring planning/execution support
Inefficiency in workforce/equipment planning leading to delays and losses

The ExpressBPEL – RealEstate Solution Pack provides,
– Dashboard for Project Planning, Execution and Tracking
– Construction WorkForce/Task automation
– Optimization of Equipment/Workforce
– Partner Task Tracking & Visibility
– Integration with existing IT systems (ERP, HR systems)

The Solution Pack impacts the Operations and profitability by,
– Improving WorkForce efficiency ( 20%)
– Equipment usage efficient ( 15%)
– Reduces Cost overruns
– Reduces execution slippages

The solution enables an enterprise to be more competitive in the market while enabling it to scale up its operations. Please contact a CodeBrew representative to understand how the solution can automate your RealEstate Construction business.

Contact us for further information on the features of the RealEstate BPM solution.