ExpressBPEL PharmaProc-MES Solutions

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The Pharmacuetical and Chemical manufacturing industry today face the challenge of scaling their operations at reduced costs while meeting challenging regulatory compliance requirements. Some of the key challenges faced by the industry include,

  • Lack of Visibility of Manufacturing Process
  • High Manufacturing and QA Effort and Costs
  • Scaling Operations while maintaining High Efficienty and Quality

PharmaProc-MES is a state-of-art Manufacturing Execution System built using ExpressBPEL-BPM that enables a Pharmacuetical Manufacturer to automate their Manufacturing and QA Proceses to handle key challenges. Capabilities offered by PharmaProc-MES include,

  • Automation of Manufacturing Process driven by workflow
  • Automation of Quality Checks and Data Collection driven by workflow
  • Support for Product,Version and SOP management
  • Transition to Paperless BMR (eBMR) Manufacturing
  • Reduction in Compliance risks
  • Reduction in Manufacturing and QA Effort and Cost
  • Compliant with GMP standards like CFR21 Part11
  • PreBuilt and Customizable modules for activities like Weighing & Dispensing,Drying, Granulation, Milling, Compression, Lubrication, Coating etc.
  • Compliant with GMP standards like CFR21 Part11
  • Manufacturing and Quality Analytics Information and Reports

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