ExpressBPEL Telco Solution Pack

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The Telco Solution Pack is implements key functionality defined by the NGOSS Framework published by the TMForum . It acts as an accelerator for a Telecommuncations Service Provider implementing business processes across the Service Fulfilment , Service Assurance and the Billing domains.

The Solution Pack provides,
– Complete mapping of the SID Data Model to WS-BPEL 2.0 Standard for Business Process process development
– Implemention of key Business Processes as defined by the NGOSS/eTOM in the domains of
Service Fulfilment , Service Assurance and Billing .
– Adheres to the TMForum’s Integration Framework , reducing integration efforts with external vendor systems.

Its pre-built Business Processes and Data Model accelerates the development of Business Processes for a Telecommuncation Service Provider’s spanning its OSS and BSS systems and can reduce the overall effort in an transformation exercise by upto 30%.

For further information on TMF’s eTOM and Integration Framework please visit http://www.tmforum.org website.

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