ExpressBPEL Editor

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ExpressBPEL Editor is a Java based UserInterface that allows a Business Process designer to create a WS-BPEL based process definition visually. The ExpressBPEL Editor Has a user-friendly Work-Bench interface that allows the user to have multiple views of the business process being edited. This translates to faster development time as the user can drill-down or up and keep multiple sections of the business process definition opened in the workbench and easily switching between them as needed. The key features of the ExpressBPEL Editor and be summarized as,

  • In-Buillt WSDL Editor that allows the user to define all the WSDL DataTypes, MessageTypes and Ports required for defining the WS-BPEL 2.0 based activities
  • Drag&Drop functionality for adding WS-BPEL 2.0 based activities into the different parts of the business process
  • Comprehensive error-checking to ensure that the process definition can be executed without any errors when loaded into the Business Process Engine.

The following link contains the HTML based manual with screen shots that describe the functionality of the Express BPEL Editor.

ExpressBPEL Editor User Guide