CodeBrew Technologies

CodeBrew Technologies is foccussed on creating best-in-breed BPM technology and provide consulting services required by the Enterprises for BPM initiaties. Research and innovation by CodeBrew Technologies over the years have culminated in the ExpressBPEL BPM Platform, a lean and feature rich platform making it a solid platform for an Enterprises BPM requirements.

The ExpressBPEL BPM platform’s features set help in covering a wide-range of BPM requirements that an Enterprise has and would need in the future. CodeBrew Technologies licensing terms are adoption friendly and reduce the capex required by a factor of over 15-20 times over similar platforms hence reducing the TCO significantly and thereby improving the ROI of investement in BPM technologies for an Enterprise significanlty.

Please visit the Products, Solutions and LicensingTerms area of this site to know how we can partners with you in the successful implementation of your BPM vision and goals.